VIN number lookup software

Checking a used carWhere is the number (VIN code) of the car located?

Almost every car owner knows about the existence of such a VIN-code, but not everyone knows about its location in the car. While buying a car, your knowledge of the VIN-code location can help you to check the car for being stolen. Moreover, it is a resource of different information about the car. It provides some data about the year of the manufacture, the country of the manufacture, the manufacturer itself etc.

So, where can be the VIN-code of the car found? First of all, the code can be found in the registration certificate, the data sheet of the vehicle or other car documents. The location of the identification number is usually stated in the technical documentation of the vehicle.

Methods for labeling and location of the code may vary. Every car company has its own characteristics and preferences, and yet most of the modern cars have identification numbers in the following locations:

  • on the left top of the dashboard at the bottom of the windshield;
  • next to the driver’s seat at the bottom of the arch. Number is only visible when the driver’s door is open;
  • under the driver’s seat. In order to see the tracking number, you must move the driver’s seat and fold the mat;
  • under the hood. VIN code is stamped on a special marking table there.

However, it is possbile to use a sofware tool in order to lookup VIN number. It can be done by using of various online web services.  Some companies even provide a full vehicle history report with a lot of checks. In any case, it is very important to perform deep investigation before buying.